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About Care

Enthusiasm carries more paint to the canvas than brushes or any other utensils!  To have enthusiasm for life is positive, and that’s a true challenge.  It means staying far from  prettiness and insipid colours, and yet veering away from the depressing subjects and colours that come to mind when we listen to worldwide news events.  And it’s a cop-out to simply manipulate paint all by itself – it would be more fun to work at finding a new colour for a paint supply company. A positive enthusiasm comes from having a vision of the world that would be better to live in than the world we simply adjust to every day.  Artists see further and deeper than events, and enthusiasm is the vehicle they take to do that.

Changed Again

“So you’ve changed AGAIN?”

“No, just the subject matter! And this time I used paper and inks instead of canvas and paint.  I’m still me, and my paintings are still my paintings.”

Changing subject or medium is seen by many people as almost the same as changing style.  It’s no wonder artists head into the extremes of high realism or repeated variations on an abstract theme. How else to be known as consistent, which seems to be a “wanted” option.  Only with artists who self-profess to be varied and talented experimentalists will stylistic wandering be tolerated, as it is with Anselm Kiefer and a few others. It may be career-offensive for a while, but in the long run it allows the artist to grow even better!